Friday, August 21, 2009

In the morning we will be going into D.C. for two events. The first will take place in the morning in groups of 15.

Chocolate City Tours - Street side of 15th and Jefferson beneath the Washington Monument

* Step down into a slave dungeon used to forcefully confine and torture thousands of human beings! See and hear the stories of survivors who wrote about their horrific experience!
* See where the auction blocks once stood and find out what actually took place in the nation's capital!
* Discover the skilled Black craftsmen who built the White House, U.S Capitol, Library of Congress and other buildings! Come aboard and see the never before seen photos!
* Discover Black owned banks, hotels, restaurants, and insurance companies created, built, and owned by Black entrepreneurs!
* Discover local and national heroes, see their homes and neighborhoods and find out how they changed America!
* We are the first to present the never before seen photograph of Phillip Reid, the famous Black engineer who cast the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S Capitol!
* Come aboard and experience the untold story, and find out the secrets they didn't want you to know!
* We guarantee that no other tour would dare take you, tell you, or show you DC like the Chocolate City Tour!

For the afternoon we will be visiting your choice of one of the below:

The Capital

The Library of Congress

More information will be added shortly, thank you for your patience

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