Family Picnic at Leesylvania Park

When the first rain drop fell, we were set up at a group of picnic tables adjacent to an empty pavilion. An empty pavilion with a reserved sign out front. When the second rain drop fell, the park ranger came by and said, "Yeah, that pavilion is reserved but we haven't heard from them." When the third rain drop fell, Uncle Pookie looked into the sky and saw the fourth rain drop on it's way to earth. Uncle Pookie thought.

The children of Edna's Sister have traveled and planned to gather and spend time with the children of Edna in the presence of Edna Shervington King. The nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, all children of one blood; chose this day to gather together, in this place, at this time, to share in the rejuvenating spirit of family. From New York, through Maryland and Virginia, down to North Carolina; the paths were directed by the hearts seeking the smiling faces, loving embraces, and encouraging words that would propel those gathering into the upcoming seasons. When the fourth rain drop landed on earth, Uncle Pookie knew.

The beginning of hurricane season traditionally starts later in August, more early September. The last good weekend of August, before Labor Day, is statistically the driest, the least traveled, and the announcement of cooler weather. August 22, 2009, started off showing promise. The morning sun welcomed a large crowd to the park. Boaters, bathers, fishermen and boyscouts all enjoyed the morning/afternoon sun. Groups of all sizes celebrated birthday's, anniversary's, and simple get-together's throughout the park. Even the mosquitoes gathered in abudance with other flying insects to join in the celebration and partake in evergrowing supply of food. But the rain began to fall.

Somewhere between the fifth rain drop that fell and the hundred and fifth, all that was outside exposed to the elements taunting disaster had been resituated under the reserved pavillion. The unoccupied pavilion welcomed all that needed protection and warned of the upcoming possiblities. Weather growing by the minute, family members arriving by ones and twos, the Reserved Sign prominently displaying the dignified status of the commandeered pavilion and the options available should the entitled arrive. The pavilion spoke to necessity and allowed the creative spirit to provide a decision in strength. Still the rain continued and storm grew strong.

To speak with the authority in decision, only the family is in mind. The creative spirit passed down through these gathering generations promotes the inexplicable confidence. The strength to withstand, forgive, forge ahead, and achieve, resonates within the lineage, reflects off the spirit and soul of the present, past, and future, and is uniquely displayed in the grace and elegance held by those of regal nature. This strength, so visibly recognizable, proceeded the family along the gravel road traveled to the pavilion; where love gathers in unison fear will not reside.

Through the wind and the rain, the children of Edna's Sister and the children of Edna arrived. Edna Shervington King sat welcoming them all with a loving heart. Her Grandma's Hands touched the face of her sister's children as her mind reminisced over the years; her sister's children now grown with children of their own, her sister's children now with grandchildren of their own, her child now grown with children and grandchildren of her own; all together in one place. Here, Edna King, sits by her sister's memory, embodied in the lives of her children, surrounding her with the love only a sister could give or understand.

In the middle of Leesylvania Park, under a hijacked pavillion, in the middle of a storm; a family gathered. A family of hearts rejoiced. A family of smiles warmed a family huddled together, some cold and wet, in the middle of a storm. A family of minds expressed congratulations on new beginnings and journey's completed, encourged visions and dreams, and shared the wisdom of paths traveled. A family tongue spoke love and blew the breath of life back into the family once more. The hurricane subsided.

Don't ge me wrong, some say, we ain't all right; but it's perception. We're a goofy bunch; a conglomerate of independent spirits, equipped with strong wills and even stronger tongues; highly intelligent human beings with unlimited resources and enigmatic means. Don't underestimate the potential; respect the position, and you might get out alive.
July 31, 2010 will be the next gathering. We will be well prepared and updated throughout the year. Subscribe to the blog and attach your email address in the comments section. Next year's theme will be "White House Bound!!!"
Your Favorite, Uncle Pookie...

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